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Abacus Plumbing serves Missouri City, TX

Abacus’ plumbing technicians have been serving Missouri City, TX going back to 2003. When you know it’s time to call a pro to assist with your homes plumbing problems, we hope you select Abacus Plumbing. And if you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, especially where water is flooding your floor, ceiling or wall, then call Abacus right away for 24 hour emergency plumbing services. Abacus can help with water damage and restoration through our partners as well (usually at no cost, working with your homeowners insurance provider).

Call Missouri City’s Hot Water Heater Experts…Abacus

Our plumbers specialize in the repair, installation and maintenance of water heaters. Whether your water heater is gas or electric, or you have (or want) a tankless water heater, Abacus is the company to call. Missouri City, TX homeowners can count on Abacus to provide the best parts and labor warranties in the area. Just call the Abacus call center 24/7 to schedule an appointment or service. You’ll be glad you did!

Listed below are just some of the key plumbing services offered by Abacus Plumbers serving Missouri City, Texas:

Tankless Heaters for Missouri City Residents

Imagine a water heater that doesn’t need a large water tank. And that heats as you use the water instead of around the clock. These are just a couple reasons tankless water heaters are so popular in Missouri City, Texas. You save space and utilize less energy than standard tank top water heaters. And they usually last twice as long as a traditional tank water heater. To see if a tankless water heater makes sense for your home and budgetary needs, schedule a free estimate on a tankless water heater installation from our 24 hour customer service team at Abacus. (If you need a repair or service, standard service fees may apply).

Traditional Tank Water Heater Repair, Installation, Flush, Maintenance in Missouri City, TX

Traditional water heaters come in many sizes. Many in Missouri City are in the attic which can be difficult to access, repair or maintain. But Abacus Plumbers specialize in water heater repairs and installation offering the best warranties on parts and labor in the area.

Here’s some common tank water heater sizes based on the number of people in your home:

For one to two person households, you typically need a 23 – 36 gallon water heater. For two to four people in the home a 36 – 46 gallon water heater. For three to five persons, a 46 – 56 gallon water heater is typical. And for homes with five or more people residing within, a 56 or higher gallon water heater is common. Your Abacus plumbing professional can provide you with the best options for your home, including the latest energy efficient water heaters to save you money.

*Ask about a Grundfos Hot Water Recirculating Pump for your water heater. These pumps keep hot water in your pipes when needed to reduce time and water wasted waiting for hot water to arrive at your faucets or showers.

Missouri City Repipe Services

Low water pressure, frequent leaks, rusty water or problems using multiple appliances or faucets at the same time could mean you need to re-pipe your home. These are common symptom of old galvanized pipes that are simply breaking down from rust and corrosion.

Repiping your home isn’t for the faint of heart. You should definitely get help from a licensed plumber that services the Missouri City area, like Abacus Plumbing.

Abacus specializes in repiping and usually uses PEX that are more durable and long lasting than galvanized pipe. PEX is unaffected by acidic water or other common problems. Abacus provides the best warranties in the Missouri City area. Schedule an estimate today. You can call Abacus 24-7.

We are a 24-Hour Emergency Plumber

All plumbing problems feel like an emergency. And some truly are! But no matter the problem, you can call Abacus Plumbing 24/7 including holidays and weekends to schedule standard or emergency service. (After hour or holiday service fees may apply, but all other pricing is standard rates and will be provided up front and agreed to before work begins so there’s no surprises).

Do you need a plumbing inspection?

Plumbing inspections are important to have on an annual basis, especially for homes in Missouri City. That’s why Abacus created the Diamond Club, a.k.a. “The Club” membership plan. This plan is only $126.00 per year and includes several benefits, including a tank water heater flush (very important to extend the life of your water heater) and a whole-house, multi-point inspection.  Plus members receive up to fifteen-percent off most repairs or installations.

Missouri City Rooter and Drain Cleaning Services

Clogged drains? No worry, you can call your trusted friends at Abacus Plumbing. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, but if your drains are continually clogged up, you may have a more serious issue with your main sewer line (a.k.a. main line). Either way, Abacus’ drain specialists can inspect drains connected to your mainline with a specialized high-definition drain camera to inspect for cracks, tree roots or bellies that may be causing leaking drains or sewer lines. Call Abacus to fix your clogged, broken or stopped up drain lines today.

Commercial Grade Hydro Jetting in Missouri City, Texas

For more serious clogged drains or sewer lines that need high-pressure rooter or sludge and grease removal services, you can trust Abacus. With a 4,000 PSI commercial grade hydrojet device, there’s no clog that’s too tough. Your Abacus drain specialists will know exactly what type of drain or sewer clearing tools are needed to get the job done right. And Abacus offers the best guarantee on drain and sewer cleaning. These commercial grade hydrojetters can only be handled by licensed, trained professionals. That’s why you need to call Abacus.

Missouri City Sewer Line Cleaning, Clearing and Repair Services

Sewer pipes and drains can fail due to rot, ground shifting, temperature variations, tree roots that raise or move the sewer line, or get into the line. Abacus’ plumbers specialize in sewer inspection, repair and as needed replacement. Underground tunnels or tunneling may need to be done in order to get under a home where a pipe is leaking or broken. Or the entire pipe may need to be replaced that runs from the home to the main sewer line in the street. This can be expensive but necessary. You don’t want to entrust this work to just anyone. Choose Abacus drain and sewer specialist serving Missouri City.

For a licensed plumber near Missouri City, TX, 77459, and 77489, call Abacus, a certified plumbing Repair Service Contractor at 713-766-3605


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