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Cypress, TX A/C Repair

When your Cypress air conditioning fails, Abacus will be ready to restore and repair the A/C unit in your home or office. Our air conditioning repair technicians in Cypress are available on short notice for any and all air conditioning problems you may face. The trained and certified technicians at Abacus work on all brands of air conditioning units and systems. If you require a new system, our technicians will give you several options to choose from. Our A/C repair professionals are available 24 hours a day to resolve your air conditioning problems. We make sure that when you need us most, we are available. Why try to sleep in the heat? Call Abacus now to get your A/C repaired so you can sleep soundly tonight.

Extend the life of your air conditioning system with annual maintenance. Maintaining your A/C system will prolong the overall lifespan of your air conditioner. Being a BAM member has many perks. Call Abacus today for more information!

Heater Repair in Cypress, TX

Looking for heating system installation, repair, or maintenance in Cypress, TX? The Abacus focus is always on providing superior customer service and getting the job done right the first time. Abacus heater technicians in Cypress offer heater repair on all makes and models of electric and gas heating systems.

Getting your home’s heating system professionally serviced on an annual basis will keep it running efficiently and help to keep heating costs under control. Abacus technicians offer a heating system tune-up, but you can get so much more if you choose the BAM Plan. Ask one of our Abacus employees about this special offer today.

The following are a few of the air conditioning services that our trained and certified HVAC technicians offer:

Tune-Up Your HVAC Unit

The hot Texas weather will have your A/C unit working extremely hard. Having an A/C tune-up done annually will increase the overall longevity of your A/C unit and help to ensure it won’t stop working when you and your family need it the most in the summer heat. Summer is a very busy time for all air conditioning companies. When you have a malfunctioning A/C unit, you don’t want to be left waiting hours or days before a company can service or repair your air conditioning unit. You can keep many significant problems from happening in the first place by getting an air conditioning tune-up annually. Tune ups can help your A/C unit operate as close to original factory specifications as possible. Getting a tune-up every year can save you thousands of dollars on repairs down the line. The higher efficiency and longer life-span of your unit will make you glad you got a tune-up.

Air Conditioning Repair Available 24/7

With the ever-changing Texas weather, your A/C unit will be continually working in the summer and many other times during the year. Unfortunately, if these units work too hard for a long period of time they could begin to malfunction and eventually stop working completely. If this happens, you’re going to want to get the issue repaired as soon as you can for the sake of you and your family’s comfort. Don’t trust just anyone to take care of your repairs. Make sure you only trust a company like Abacus with licensed, trained, and experienced technicians to take care of your repairs. Air conditioning systems can encounter a vast array of problems, and you’ll need a technician that is knowledgeable about how to fix your issue. If your A/C unit needs to be repaired then get a certified and licensed technician from Abacus to find the problem, figure out how to solve it, and repair it in a timely manner. Call Abacus to get the best HVAC professionals to fix all your A/C problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

Anytime your air conditioning unit has an issue you have the choice to either repair or replace it. Energy Star suggests upgrading your A/C system if it has been in use for 10 years or more. However, there are other issues that might suggest it is time to upgrade your system. If your air conditioning system stops working on a consistent basis, then you should consult with a licensed HVAC professional as to what you should do next. If your A/C system is struggling to keep your house cool and is causing higher energy bills, then it may be time to consider an upgrade. Whenever you face the decision to make expensive repairs to your A/C unit, you should consider if replacing your system would be a better and more affordable option. Abacus has certified and licensed HVAC technicians that will be glad to inspect your A/C system and see if a repair or replacement is the better option for you.

Attic Insulation

Every homeowner wants to reduce the cost of their monthly energy bill, but many don’t know that attic insulation can help them do that. Your house could be indicating that it needs new attic insulation. Some of these telltale signs can be frequent temperature changes in your house, wet insulation, indoor drafts or noticeably high energy bills. Replacing your attic insulation will help to ensure that your house will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. When your home is well insulated, your furnace and air conditioner don’t have to work as hard to heat and cool your home. Attic insulation is not a do-it-yourself kind of job. Call a certified and licensed HVAC company to make your house more comfortable and help you save you money.


Many homeowners don’t realize how valuable their thermostat is; however, thermostats have one of the most important jobs in any home. A great thermostat should be able to keep your home warm or cool and save you money in the process. The type of thermostat most capable of doing that is a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats are recommended because they can lower your energy expenses with scheduling. You can program your schedule to increase the temperature when you leave your home and to decrease it when you return. Great thermostats will last for many years, but eventually they all need to be replaced. An upgraded thermostat will increase the comfort of your home while also saving you money. When that happens, Abacus will be happy to help you decide which thermostat is right for your house and install it.

Cleaning Your Air Ducts

A lot of homeowners tend to forget about their air ducts when maintaining their home. Unfortunately, that can cause the air ducts to get very dirty and significantly reduce the air quality inside of their home. Air ducts that are not regularly cleaned can accumulate mold, bacteria and fungi, all of which prevent air from flowing freely through your ventilation system. This buildup will make your ventilation system work a lot harder, and therefore cost you more money monthly to run. Having an intensive cleaning of your air ducts done can save you a lot of money over time. Getting your air ducts cleaned can have a wide variety of benefits for you and your family, such as saving you money on your electric bill every month and improving the overall air quality inside your home. We recommend you get a licensed air conditioning company do your air duct cleaning for you.

Installation and Replacement of Air Ducts

It can be hard for homeowners to know and decide whether they need to clean or replace their home’s air ducts. In many cases air duct cleaning is enough, but eventually all air ducts need to be replaced to completely eliminate problems to completely eliminate all the problems. Your old air ducts could have significant damage that is preventing your ventilation system from operating correctly and efficiently. If your A/C unit is not operating correctly, it will cause higher monthly energy bills. You should always replace your air ducts if they have ever had issues with mold. Mold can be completely removed from metal ducts in most cases, but plastic ducts usually need to be replaced to get rid of all mold. It’s recommended that you replace the air ducts in your home if it is over 50 years old, or if the air ducts have any extensive damage that is irreparable. Getting air ducts installed is not a do-it-yourself type of job. Consult with a certified and licensed HVAC company and have Abacus install your new air ducts.


For a certified Air Conditioning technician near Cypress, TX, 77429, or 77433, call Abacus a Licensed Air Conditioning Repair Service Contractor at (832) 554-9951


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