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HVAC Service, Repair and Installation in Friendswood, TX

Are you experiencing air conditioning issues in Friendswood? If you are, call Abacus, we can be there to get your HVAC system running the way it needs to be. We have the best HVAC technicians that can service or repair your unit in Friendswood. We service most brands of HVAC equipment. Whether you need service, installation or repair, we ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. Abacus is a 24-hour company ready to answer the phone and get you scheduled.

24-Hour AC Company Friendswood

AC units tend to malfunction at the most unexpected times. You need a dependable company to fix your issues no matter when they happen. That company is Abacus, a 24-Hour company trusted in Friendswood and the Greater Houston Area. There’s many different issues an HVAC system can experience. Our technicians have the knowledge and customer service skills to fix your issues to your satisfaction. You can call Abacus any time of day and you’ll get friendly customer service and someone who will go above and beyond to get you taken care of.

Below is a list of some of our most popular HVAC services:

HVAC Inspections and Maintenance

Abacus recommends annual AC inspections to increase the reliability and efficiency of your AC unit. The most common time for units to break down is during the Summer. That’s also the most inconvenient time for it to break down, because of how busy most air conditioning companies are. You could be waiting many hours or days before someone can be out to inspect your issues. A lot of those major problems in the summer can be prevented with annual maintenance because it detects small issues before they turn into something much bigger. Maintaining your A/C system will prolong the life-span of your air conditioner and can save you thousands on future repairs.

HVAC Unit Installation

Are you interested in replacing your old HVAC unit to an upgraded version? Abacus can help you get the perfect unit for your home. We have the technicians and installers that are able to get you the best equipment that will have you and your family comfortable in their home. You may have noticed symptoms from your current unit that suggests you might need an upgrade. These symptoms are consistent malfunctions, inability to maintain your house cool or warm and higher electric bills. These constant issues are signals that it might be time to upgrade.

Heater Services

Do you need any installation, repair, or maintenance services for your heating system in Friendswood, TX? Abacus has the experts that offer services for almost all makes and models of electric or gas heating systems. The best way to ensure your heating system is working the way it needs to be when you need it is to get it professionally serviced every year. The best way to do this is the BAM Membership, which includes an annual inspection for your heater. Ask one of our customer service representatives about this special offer today.

Energy Efficient Attic Insulation

Great attic insulation helps many homeowners save on their monthly energy bills. Homes with great attic insulation have HVAC systems that don’t need to work as hard and that help you save money every month. If your attic insulation is not helping you keep your house warm during the cold weather and cool during the heat, then it’s not doing its job. If you’ve noticed frequent temperature changes, wet insulation, indoor drafts or high energy bills, then you could need new attic insulation to fix that. Our expert technicians know exactly when you need new attic insulation and which kind will be best for you. Call us today to book your appointment.

Programmable Thermostats

Most homeowners are unaware of just how valuable their thermostat is. Thermostats have a very important job in your home. Your thermostat should maintain your home warm or cool and be energy efficient. Programmable thermostats are able to help you do this with their scheduling features. You can set your thermostat to increase the temperature when no one is home and to decrease it when someone is home. Programmable thermostat will increase the comfort of your home and savings. Abacus has the technicians that can help you find the perfect thermostat for your home.

Air Duct Cleaning

Make sure that you don’t forget about maintaining your home’s air ducts clean and working properly. Forgetting about them will lead to a significant reduction in the air quality inside your house. Mold, bacteria and fungi can all build up in your air ducts. That could prevent air from flowing freely through your ventilation system and that leads to much higher utility bills. That’s why an intensive cleaning of your air ducts can save you a lot of money over time. Abacus has the qualified professionals that are able to clean your air ducts and get them running again.

New Air Ducts for Your Home

A lot of homeowners don’t know whether they should clean or install new air ducts. The majority of times, air duct cleaning can get the job done, but replacing your air ducts is sometimes needed to get rid of all your issues. Older or damaged air ducts might prevent your ventilation system from working properly. When your ventilation system is not working properly then it could lead to higher monthly energy bills. Plastic air ducts that have ever had mold should be replaced. You can remove mold from metal ducts, but plastic ducts need to be replaced to get rid of all mold. Air ducts that are older than 50 years old should be replaced as soon as possible. Consult with Abacus about installing your new air ducts.

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